Why Coorg Should Be Your Next Travel Destination


If you have a travel bucket list that doesn’t include Coorg, you need some solid reasons to include this beautiful destination without a doubt. For one, it isn’t simply called the Scotland of India! This little town located in the southern region of Karnataka is a little bit of everything – lush green estates accompanied by cascades of flowing water that awakens your senses to the beauty of nature, along with a combination of several adventure sports to try, and of course, the oh-so-famous authentic coffee and Pandi (pork) Curry! And if you’re there in time for Puttari or Kailpodh, two very important festivals for Coorgis, then you’ll get to see the ‘Kodavas’ (locals) in their traditional attires dancing to old folklores. Make sure you pick up some coffee and natural honey for yourself when you visit, and check out our top 10 must-visit places in Coorg.


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